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Oct 17 2011

Waning Days

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 Last week, Linnea was still up and enjoying the fresh fall air, though no longer running or chasing tennis balls or squirrels.  But the decline has come quickly. A few days ago, she stopped eating except when hand fed in the evenings.  I have to squirt water into her mouth and them sometimes she will perk up enough to drink out her bowl if I hold it to her mouth. And today has been the worst – she can no longer stand on her own. We have to carry her outside.  This is the end.  We won’t let her suffer more.  Linnea will be crossing the rainbow bridge all too soon.

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Oct 04 2011

The news we didn’t want to hear

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Linnea hadn’t been acting like her usual happy self, and although I hoped it was just caused by a stubborn eye infection, I was worried enough to have x-rays done. The  news was achingly bad – Linnea has three tumors in her lungs and one on a rib.  There is not much to do at this point other than to give her lots of love and provide pain relief when it gets too hard on her. I am so grateful she had 7-8 good months after her amputation to run and play and swim. But none of us are ready to let this golden girl go.

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Feb 01 2011

Off my pain meds

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Linnea has finished with her pain meds and her incision is healing nicely. We’ve been able to let her go without the lovely, blue cone because she has had no interest in her incision. Well…until today. She suddenly noticed it was there. Wondering if it is the lack of pain meds. Her staples come out in a couple of days, which will be another step. But how DO they take those staples out?!

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Jan 25 2011

I’m a believer

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Before Linnea’s amputation I heard often about how much better she would feel without her painful leg. While I truly wanted to believe this, I still harbored some doubts. Well, my doubts have dispersed in the undeniable evidence before my eyes – my dog is feeling great! Linnea comes over to greet me once again when I walk through the front door, turning her happy doggy face up towards me. She again makes frequent forays to her food bowl to see if anything new has appeared. And she eagerly sniffs the grass in the yard to determine what kind of interesting animal visitors have passed by. It is wonderful to see Linnea happy again, and at just one week post-surgery.

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