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Oct 04 2011

The news we didn’t want to hear

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Linnea hadn’t been acting like her usual happy self, and although I hoped it was just caused by a stubborn eye infection, I was worried enough to have x-rays done. The  news was achingly bad – Linnea has three tumors in her lungs and one on a rib.  There is not much to do at this point other than to give her lots of love and provide pain relief when it gets too hard on her. I am so grateful she had 7-8 good months after her amputation to run and play and swim. But none of us are ready to let this golden girl go.

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6 Responses to “The news we didn’t want to hear”

  1.   AbbysMomon 04 Oct 2011 at 3:28 am     Reply1

    Oh, that is so sad to hear. She is a beautiful girl. I’m glad you had many good months with her. Love her up for the time you have left. I hope you have many good days ahead with her. Take lots of pictures. Make lots of memories.

    Give her some extra hugs from me and some kisses from Abby. We’ll be thinking of you,
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  2.   riosmomon 04 Oct 2011 at 3:57 am     Reply2

    So sorry to hear this news. You are right, though. Give her lots of love and enjoy every moment that you can with your girl.

    Sending you the best of our hearts….

    Micki and Rio

  3.   CatiesMomon 04 Oct 2011 at 2:19 pm     Reply3

    Oh. Reading this post hit me where it hurts the most. This sounds so much like Catie…she too had a stubborn stubborn eye infection, accompanied with increasing fatigue and apathy. The dreaded xrays finally showed a lung tumor but positioned in such a way it was up close to her spine. That poor girl’s back was unimaginably sore; she couldn’t even bear the gentlest palpation.

    I know how you must be feeling. I can only echo what’s been said here by Jackie and Micki – love her up like crazy and take each moment, each day as it comes. And LOTS of pictures. Hope you can keep her comfortable. She’s such a beautiful girl. Hang in there. Just love her.

  4.   etgayleon 04 Oct 2011 at 3:13 pm     Reply4

    this is such sad news – but you are wise to cherish the time you have now, and to enjoy each and every moment with that beautiful girl. there will be time for tears later.

    charon & gayle

  5.   chilidawgon 04 Oct 2011 at 8:06 pm     Reply5

    Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. I know how you are feeling, as I just went through this a month ago. Love her up like crazy, make lots of memories and take lots of pictures. Make her favorite meal every day. Cherish these moments, because Charon’s right, there will be time for tears later.

    Sending you lots of hugs.

    Jenna & Spirit Chili Dawg

  6.   jerryon 10 Oct 2011 at 3:52 am     Reply6


    We are so, so sad to hear this news. Just remember, Linnea doesn’t know what those dumb lung mints are, so be as strong as you can be and live life like she does, enjoying every precious minute.

    After my lung mints diagnosis, I got another 7 great months with my folks, so miracles can happen. We send our best wishes for a long, long time together despite this news.


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