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Jan 23 2011

First day home

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This is Linnea on her first day home. She has her lovely blue cone and a t-shirt covering her incision. The t-shirt lasted less than one minute, and after she successfully removed the second t-shirt, I gave up. We are getting more accustomed to seeing her incision and shaved hind end, but it is still unsettling at times. Linnea is getting around like a champ. She tried the stairs yesterday and did quite well, though going up was definitely harder than going down. Our next big decision will be whether or not to do chemo. We’ll be scouring the Tripawd message boards to learn from others who have been down this road.

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3 Responses to “First day home”

  1.   daisydoggeron 23 Jan 2011 at 6:08 am     Reply1

    Daisy and Linnea could be twins. Same leg gone. Daisy had her surgery Thursday and all I can say to you is each day is a little easier. That’s not saying it’s not still hard but every day is better. Each day Daisy does more is happier and stronger. I hope Linnea is doing well also and soon this will all be a distant memory.

    What gets me through as bad as it is, this is better than any other alternative.

    Kisses to Linnea


  2.   fightingforsammyon 23 Jan 2011 at 4:41 pm     Reply2

    Linnea is lovely! She sounds like she is doing really well, I am glad for you guys.
    Sammy just finished his chemo, 6 treatments 1 every 3 weeks. He did great, it was only the last two where he started having the shakes. He felt under the weather after the day of chemo, for about 1 to 2 days, then he was back to his bouncy self.
    I don’t regret doing it.
    We are now going to do metronomics, starting the 5th of Feb. That is supposed to have little to no side affects.
    I look forward to reading more about Linnea. Interesting name!
    Elizabeth and Sammy

  3.   credocanison 23 Jan 2011 at 10:35 pm     Reply3

    I have a left rear amp Golden as well. He also doesn’t go up stairs all that well, but runs down them like he has all four legs.

    He had chemo, but many don’t, and it’s such a personal decision. Our chemo experience was an easy one. Lincoln hardly showed any ill effects. He was slightly, very slightly, less energetic, but that is it.

    Hang in there. The hair grows back more quickly than you could imagine. Good luck!

    Lincoln’s Mom

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